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In the South of the Caribbean archipelago nestled between Tobago and St.Vincent is Grenada, a one hundred and thirty three (133) square mile Island.

Grenada, also known as the isle of spice is simply beautiful. Natural, unspoiled landscapes and pristine white beaches, it is perfect for any kind of vacationer. Whether you’re looking for adventure, just want to relax on the Caribbean shore, have a romantic get-a-way or a combination of these, then Grenada is the place for you.

This small beautiful island offers quite a bit. You can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Grand Anse Beach, a trek through the rain forest of Seven Sisters Waterfalls or soak in natural hot water / sulfur springs. You will always feel welcome as Grenada is noted as having some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, so even if you get lost, a helping hand is not far away.

The island of Grenada also consist of its 2 sister islands, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, as well as a few smaller, uninhabited islands. This tri-island nation, with its culture, friendly disposition and beautiful scenery, will give you a taste of paradise leaving you well rested and stress free.

We highly recommend paying a visit to the spice island.

Country Grenada
Visa requirements

No visa required

Languages spokenEnglish
Currency usedEastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) $1 USD - $2.70
Area (km2)348.5 km² (132.8 sq mi)

Nightlife info

The Nightlife in Grenada is not as Vibrant as some of the other islands in the Caribbean, But that does not mean that there is nothing to do in Grenada at night.  There are a few places where you can go to shake a leg or have a drink.

Some Bars and Clubs around the Island are :-

  • Dodgy Dock
  • Fantazia
  • Karma
  • Bananas
  • West Indies Breweries

And Much More.


Culture info

Grenada, like many of the Caribbean islands, Culture is a melting pot of British, French, African and Amerindian influences. While the main spoken language in Grenada is English, a patois was also spoken by the older folks on the island, Though because of the older generation not passing down this patois, the younger generation no longer speak it, However certain patois words are still regularly used in the day to day speech of Grenadians. Some of these words are " Oui " "Bonjee" "Pickney" and much more.

The Grenadian people are very kind and sociable, and are ready to help anyone who may seem a bit lost.


As Stated above Grenada Culture is a melting pot of different Cultures, this greatly affects the local cuisine. The food is heavily seasoned a trait taken from french cuisine. Curry and Masala are common seasonings used, a testament to the influence of East Indians. Cassava and ground provisions are used in many meals hinting to their Amerindian roots.

The National Dish of Grenada is Oil Down. Oil Down is truly a dish packed with a variety of ingredients. from salted meat and chicken to dumplings and calaloo all simmered down on a coal pot to get that rich flavor. This dish is a heavy meal that is TASTY!!

Grenada being the Spice island means a wealth of spices and seasonings are available on the island adding an extra spicy flavor to their cuisine.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Unfortunately there are no car rental offers at this location at the moment.



The first people believed to have settled in Grenada were the Arawak-speaking Amerindians from South America. Archaeological sites have unearthed evidence of the settlers, which reveal skilled agriculturists and fishermen who built their own boats, leaving behind skills that remain with us today. Other archaeological treasures are the petroglyphs at Duquesne Bay in the Parish of St. Mark, where carvings on large boulders depict faces and drawings from the past.

The National Museum in our capital city St. George's, Carriacou Museum on the island of Carriacou and Rome Museum at Walker in the Parish of St. Andrew house rare antiques and collectibles from Grenadians of the past. There are also several historical sites preserved - and in some cases, restored - offering a physical experience of invasions, battles and tragedies throughout our history.

French Colonization (1649-1763)

On March 17th, 1649, a French expedition of 203 men from Martinique led by Jacques du Parquet founded a permanent settlement on Grenada. Within months this led to conflict with the local islanders (Amerindian tribe of Caribs) this conflict lasted until 1654 when the island was completely taken over by the French. The Caribs who survived either left for near by islands or retreated to remoter parts of Grenada, the last of these hidden communities disappeared sometime during the 1700s.

The French then named the new French Colony La Grenade, and the economy was initially based on sugar cane and indigo. The French established a capital Known as Fort Royal ( later known as St.George ). To shelter from hurricanes the French navy would often take refuge in the capital's natural harbour as no nearby french islands had a narutal harbour like Fort Royal.
Durinf the Seven Years' War Grenada was captured by the british in the year 1762.

British Colonization

Grenada was formally seeded by the british in 1763. And thus began a series of battles between the French and the British where Grenada was taken over by both several times, these series of battles lasted till 1796.

Nutmeg (the islands national crop) was introduced in grenada in the year 1843 when a merchant ship from the east indies was on its way to England. The ship had a small quantity of Nutmeg trees whih they left in grenada, now nutmeg is Grenada's number one industry supplying nearly 40% of the worlds annual crop

Independence and revolution (1974-1983)

Independence was granted on February 7,1974 under the leadership of Sir.Eric Matthew Gairy, he became the first Prime minister of Grenada.
However this did not last as Civil conflict broke out on the small island Nation, one opposition party the New Jewel Movement (NJM), ran in opposition to Gairy's party losing the elections in 1976. They then accused the party of fraud and in 1979 launched a paramilitary attack on the government overthrowing them and establishing the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG), Cuban doctors, teachers and technicians were invited to help develope the country.

A few years later a dispute developed between Bishop and some high-ranking members of the NJM. Though Bishop co-operated with Cuba and the USSR on various trade and foreign policy issues he sought to maintain a "non-alligned" status. Bishop took his time making Grenada a wholly socialist nation, attempting to make the island a popular tourist destination. Community Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, deemed Bishop insufficiently revolutionary and demanded that he either step down or enter into a power-sharing arrangement.

On October 19, 1983, Bernard Coard, backed by the Grenadian Army, led a coup against the government. The island was put under martial law, and Bishop was Executed. The overthrowing of this moderate government by one that was strongly pro-communist worried U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

On October 25, 1983, forces from the United states invaded grenada, quelling the insurgency that enveloped.

Post Invasion and Onwards

After American troops withdrawn from the island state, Nicholas Braithwaite was appointed as Prime Minister of the interim government and Grenada thus entered a fairly stable government situation.

On September 7, 2004, Grenada was hit directly by category four Hurricane Ivan. The hurricane destroyed about 85% of the structures on the island, including the prison and the prime minister's residence, killed thirty-nine people, and destroyed most of the nutmeg crop, Grenada's economic mainstay. Grenada's economy was set back several years by Hurricane Ivan's impact. Hurricane Emily ravaged the island's north end in June 2005.

The Island has since bounced back and is one of the major islands for tourism in the caribbean


Grenada is a volcanic Island, meaning it is home to many looming mountains. The soil on the island is lush, and the climate is a stable tropical climate, allowing lush rain-forest to grow on the island.


The lush and unspoiled rain-forest of Grenada is home to many tropical plants, flowers ( bougainvillea, ginger lilies, orchids and much more) and Fruit trees (Banana, 100+ species of Mango, Breadfruit and more). The soil in Grenada is very rich allowing, many spices to be grown in Grenada such as nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and more leading to Grenada's claim as the Spice Island.


Grenada is home to many tropical animals and birds like armadillo, Green Parrots, Hook Billed Kite, and much more.
The Grenada Dove also known as the Leptotila wellsi is endemic the Grenada and is critically endangered.


Grenada is great for diving entusiest, with amazing marine life, the first underwater sculpture park in the world as well as the largest shiprwreck in the Caribbean ( The Bianca C- a 600ft beauty of a luxury liner).

Grenada also boast a host of wrecks, Coral reefs walls and many marine eco-systems. Your entire trip to Grenada can be focused on just diving and you still wouldn't experience all there is to see.  The marine life in Grenada is robust, from parrot fish and rainbow runners  to sponges and sea fans. Diving is an experience to be had in Grenada. The isle of Spice both above and below the sea.


Dive Locations

Under Water Sculpture Park

Bianca C

When To Visit

Grenada like the rest of the Caribbean is a Tropical Island, which means that Grenada experiences 2 seasons ( Rainy and Dry Season). Daylight hours don't vary greatly throughout the year. So Really anytime is a great time to visit Grenada.

MyCaribSpot recommends the months from February through June, during these months the seas are the calmest and you will avoid the height of the hurricane season. These are the dryer and hotter months of the year so remember to stay well hydrated.


January1st: New Year's Day Celebrations

21st-25th: 48th Spice Island Billfish Tournament

28th-29th: Grenada Sailing Festival

30th Jan-4th Feb: Grenada Sailing Week
February7th: Independence Day Bank Holiday

20th-24th: Grenada Bird Festival, Belmont Estate

23rd-28th: Carriacou Carnival

TBC: Carriacou Carnival Bank Holiday
March*Nothing to see here*
April8th: Grenada Invitational Track and Field Meet

14th: Good Friday Bank Holiday

16th: Easter Sunday Bank Holiday

16th: Tri de Spice - Grenada International Triathlon

17th: Easter Monday Bank Holiday

28th: 7th Carriacou Maroon & String Band Festival

30th: 2nd Annual Uncorked Beer & Wine Festival
May1st: Labour Day Bank Holiday

5th-7th: Pure Grenada Music Festival

12th: Grenada Chocolate Festival
June2nd-5th: Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta Festival

5th: Whit Monday Bank Holiday

15th: Corpus Christi National Holiday

29th: Annual Fisherman's Birthday
July29th: Beginning of SpiceMas Grenada Carnival Events
August4th: Rainbow City Festival

4th Aug: Carriacou Regatta Festival

7th: Emancipation Day Bank Holiday

15th: End of SpiceMas Grenada Carnival Events

20th: Windward Cup Mini Regatta
September*Nothing to see here*
October25th: Thanksgiving Day Bank Holiday

TBC: Carriacou Corn Festival
NovemberTBC: Pure Grenada Nutmeg Spice Festival
DecemberTBC: RORC Transatlantic Race Finish

TBC: Carriacou Parang Festival

25th-26th: Christmas Day and Boxing Day Bank Holidays

31st: Old Year's Night Celebrations

Things To Do

Fort George

Fort GeorgePhoto by Tony Hisgett / CC License

This fort dominates the town of St. George and is steeped in the ancient and recent history of the island. It is also the Headquarters of the Royal Grenadian Police Force.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse BeachPhoto by Tony Hisgett / CC License

A silky stretch of sheltered white sand where visitors and locals enjoy the view of the capital, this world famous beach spans two miles/three kilometres along the southwest coastline. Nearby water sport specialists, hotels, restaurants and a Vendors Market which offers a variety of services and local products.

Mourne Rouge Beach (BBC)

Mourn Rouge BeachPhoto By Ruth L / CC License

With its usually quiet, shallow waters and white sand, this popular beach is sheltered by Quarantine Point. It is a perfect spot to relax in silence or with the laughter of family and friends.

Anadale Waterfall

Photo from Flickr by GoochNet under Creative Commons

Photo GoochNet/Creative Commons

Anandale Falls located off the main interior road, is easily accessible, and offers recreational opportunities and scenic beauty to its visitors.

Concord Waterfalls

Concord Waterfalls

A challenge for the unprepared, but exhilarating for those accustomed to rushing falls from on high. Walk the walk if you wish, or simply admire from a standstill. Be prepared to walk and walk some more to enjoy the wonders of Concord.

Anse La Roche

Anse La Roche

This is the most scenic beach on the island with coral reefs just offshore. Secluded and accessible from land by half mile hike, the beach is private and unspoilt at the foot of the famous High North Range. It is the preferred alternate to Sandy Island for cruise ships visiting Carriacou.

Jessamine Eden Tropical Botanical Gardens

Jessamine Eden Triopical Gardens

Jessamine Eden comprises over 60 acres of tropical gardens and organic farms and rain forest trails within the Grenville Vale Estate in St. Georges just 15 min drive from the capital. The Vale is located in a verdant valley capped by the southern hills of Grand Etang and contains several heavy flowing rivers and springs including the main river from the Annandale Falls. As a result Eden is consistently cool every day and night.

Levera National Park

Levera National Park

The 450 acre Levera National Park holds a strong reputation as Grenada's most scenic and spectacular coastal area. Its picture-perfect beach is quite popular on weekends, and its lagoon is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island. Levera's marine areas are equally esteemed, with outstanding coral reefs and sea grass beds that shelter lobster and beautiful reef fishes. The beaches are also a hatchery for sea turtles. Among the pleasant walks at Levera is a trail that circles the 45 acre pond.

Lake Antoine

Lake Antoine

This shallow crater lake, like Grand Etang, is host to a wide variety of wildlife. The lake's perimeter trail, a beautiful walk in itself, is another of Grenada's excellent attractions for birdwatchers. Among the species frequently sighted are the snail kite, the fulvous whistling duck, large billed seed-finch, gray kingbird and limpkin.

Mt.Hartman Dove Sanctuary
Dove Sanctuary

Located near scenic Woburn Bay lies the Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary, home of the protected Grenada Dove. Visit the unique dry thorn scrub eco-system, and learn about the endemic Leptotila wellsi.

Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake

Located in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, the Grand Etang Lake is a natural water filled crater of one of Grenada's extinct volcanoes. The rainforest around the lake holds a stupendously rich diversity of flora and fauna. Colorful tropical birds, tiny frogs and lizards, and rare orchids punctuate the dense rainforest vegetation, and the trails meander around the area's stunning waterfalls as well as the azure waters of Grand Etang Lake.

Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate
Photo by Tom Coady / Creative Commons
Just an hour's scenic drive from St George's, Belmont Estate offers travelers an exceptional experience, greatly enhancing their holiday whilst maintaining and protecting our natural environment. Belmont ensures visitors gain a real and eco-friendly taste of Grenada, its history, culture, flavors and traditions. Enjoy a leisurely stroll in our tropical gardens such as the Sugarcane garden, Orchid garden and Blue Garden while being caressed by the beauty and sounds of nature. Be enchanted by the amusing antics of our friendly farm animals, monkeys, parrots and tortoises.

Under-Water Sculpture Park
underwater sculpture Park
Photo by SunCat / CC License
One of two underwater sculpture parks in the world this is something quite unique to Grenada a few sculptures can be seen while snorkeling though the real beauty of it can really be seen while scuba diving.

St.Margaret / Seven Sisters Waterfalls
Photo by Roswitha Schluter / CC License
Just a little ways from Grand Etang lake lays St. Margret Falls (Seven Sister Falls) This Combination of Falls is beautiful, after a short hike through the rain forest you come across the first two of the seven falls . The water here is cold as it is high up in the mountains and quite refreshing. There are also a few fresh water springs around.