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Anguilla, where feeling is believing. The Island of Anguilla tucked away in the north of the lesser Antilles is Gorgeous, Littered with beautiful white sand beaches bordered by turquoise waves. Looking to get away from the cold of winter? Or want to experience a different Caribbean Island? What better way to add to your experience, but to dive into the beautiful island of Anguilla. But what sets Anguilla apart from the rest of the Caribbean islands? What makes Anguilla, ‘Anguilla’? Here are a few reason’s why you should visit Anguilla.


Why Visit Anguilla - Anguilla Beaches

Feel the subtle crunch of the sand as it caresses your feet and swim in it’s Luminous, turquoise blue waters. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and dive (snorkel or scuba) into its exotic fish filled coral reefs and unique wrecks. Be daring and ride off into the sunset to end your day at the beach with horseback riding. The beaches of Anguilla are just so beautiful, every last one of them. You will find yourself just laying on the beach ( possibly napping) without a care in the world all the worries of the world will just melt away.

Some of the more popular beaches to visit on Anguilla are :-

  • Shoal Bay East
  • Rendezvous Bay
  • Sandy Ground
  • Meads Bay Beach


The Culture of Anguilla is rich. Anguillians have a mixture of influence from British, African, Spanish, French and Caribbean Culture, this can be seen in various aspects of the island’s history, holidays and events. Many local items are made available by skilled crafts men on the island. Another Facet of the Anguillian Culture is the popular Barefoot dancing, why not kick your shoe’s of, join in on the fun and express yourself on Sandy Ground Beach.

The atmosphere becomes even livelier during the moth of May when the boat regattas are being held, as well as the summer festivals held in August where there are musical performances by established Calypsonians and Soca artists.

Local Cuisine

why visit Anguilla - Anguilla Cuisine


As Stated before Anguilla has a wide mixture of cultural influences, because of this Anguillian cuisine has a unique taste. There are over 70 restaurants on Anguilla, so you have ample opportunities to tickle and entice your taste buds with the Anguillian flavor of foods, such as Coconut crusted french toast with caramel sauce and bananas or creole mahi mahi.


Why visit Anguilla - Anguilla Diving

photo by Mark under License

Anguilla has a vibrant under-water community, the sea’s around Anguilla is teaming with sea life and snorkeling can be done on many of the beaches. While swimming get up close and personal with Blue Tangs, Parrot fish and even green turtles enjoying their natural habitat.

Snorkeling is the only way to observe life under the sea in Anguilla,Scuba Diving is a main attraction to Anguilla. Anguilla is home to seven (7) marine parks including :-

  • Dog Island
  • Prickly Pear
  • Seal Island Reef System
  • Little Bay
  • Sandy Island
  • Shoal Bay Harbor Reef System
  • Stony Bay Marine Park

These Marine parks offer spectacular diving experiences including wall dives, ledge dives wreck dives and much much more.

Things to do

Why visit Anguilla - Anguilla Beach

Anguilla has many things to do on the island, much of it includes water sports and the beach, as the beach is Anguilla’s main attraction. That does not mean, however, that the beach is the only thing to do in Anguilla. Anguilla is vibrant and offers its visitors many things to do.

Some of these things to do in Anguilla include :-

  • Shoal Bay East
  • Rendezvous Bay
  • Sandy Ground
  • Meads Bay Beach
  • Wallblake House
  • Prickly Pear Cays
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Wreck Diving

Best time to go


Anguilla is a tropical island like the rest of the islands in the Caribbean which means they experience just 2 seasons per year. The rainy season which runs from June to December and the dry from January to May. So really anytime is perfect to visit Anguilla, it just really depends on what events you are visiting Anguilla to attend. May to August, to us and many others, seem to be the ideal time to visit Anguilla as you will have the highest concentration of events happening around that time of year.

Below is a Table we found on http://travel.usnews.com/Anguilla/When_To_Visit/  to help you decide when to visit Anguilla.

Best Months to Visit

U.S. News editors analyzed weather and price trends to recommend the top times to visit.

Anguilla’s peak season kicks off in mid-December and lasts until mid-April; this is also when the flight deals diminish and the hotel rates skyrocket. But the weather vouches for the influx of tourists with infrequent rain and average high temperatures in the 80s.

Key Events:

May-August The weather is a bit more humid at this time, and you’ll see the rainfall pick up, especially with the start of hurricane season. But this is a prime time for spendthrifts: Hotel rates can drop as much as 50 percent.

Key Events:


September-November You’ll get an outstanding room deal in the fall; that is, if you can find a hotel that’s still open for business. Many of them close down from September through October (as do the choicest restaurants), so you might want to hold off until November if you’re looking to travel during this season. The average temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but Anguilla is in the heavy throes of hurricane season and you can expect a good amount of rain, especially in October

Why Visit Anguilla ?

So Why Visit Anguilla ? Well Anguilla has a rich culture, warm welcoming people, and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. So the question should really be why not visit Anguilla. It is the perfect destination to unwind and relax. Learning to Scuba dive or want to snorkel to experience the natural habitat of an array of sea life ? Anguilla is the place to be.

Make Anguilla your next destination and tell us your experiences below.

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